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To and From Puerto Escondido

Direct access to Puerto varies from time to time. There are currently two flights a day from Mexico City (MEX) with Aeromar Airlines.   The direct flight to Puerto often requires an overnight along the way. United operates a direct flight from Houston to Huatulco (HUX) several times a week. There is a good bus that will bring you from Huatulco to Puerto or you can hire a cab or rent a car. Travel by car on this road at night is not recommended. Parts of it are narrow and more dangerous at night. 

There is also a road to the capital city, Oaxaca  This is about a five hour bus ride from Puerto. There is a new highway being built that should cut this time in half. United has a direct flight from Houston to Oaxaca

Highway 200 runs along the coast from Acapulco on the north to Salinas Cruz. This is the highway that passes through Huatulco an hour and a half to the southeast of Puerto.